12-18 Month Old: Milestones

Your baby is now a toddler, and you are probably experiencing a range of emotions. The one thing that is super important for all parents to learn is that you should NEVER compare your child to others. ALL BABIES AND TODDLERS ARE DIFFERENT! When reading about the post about, 12-18 month olds milestones, remember that….


Halloween Books for Preschoolers

Every night when the sun goes down, we read a book before bed. I tuck in the preschooler, and lay down the 14 month old and sit my chair. The kids and I really enjoy it. Because of the holiday coming up, we have been reading the best halloween books for preschoolers. Spooky, but not…

Fall Bucket List for the Family

Fall is now here and every year it is tradition to make a fall bucket list for the whole family. With kids, I have started to look more and more forward to creating our annual family fall bucket list. (If you are not sure what this is, it’s a list of these you want to…

Water Table Dinosaur Activity!

Toddlers love dinosaurs! Mine especially loves this Dinosaur Water Table Activity! But, one thing that is always a hit on hot days is the water table. There are so many possibilities with a water table and, of course, toddlers love to play in water or sand and make giant messes! One of our favorite things…