Water Table Dinosaur Activity!

Toddlers love dinosaurs! Mine especially loves this Dinosaur Water Table Activity! But, one thing that is always a hit on hot days is the water table. There are so many possibilities with a water table and, of course, toddlers love to play in water or sand and make giant messes! One of our favorite things to do with a water table is giving dinosaurs a bath. This water table dinosaur activity my toddler personally really enjoys because she loves to clean things up. Plus, soap, who doesn’t love bubbles?

For this super simple water table activity, just grab some dawn dish soap, a small bucket, clean rag, old tooth brush if you’d like, and water for your water table.

We started off putting soap straight into the small bucket with water, then we used the table as a shower/rinse station with just plain water.

Use sponges, rags, tooth brushes, etc. as tools and allow your toddler to ash up those toys, then bring them over to rinse.

Another fun thing to do is to grab some dirt and actually allow your toddler to get the dinosaurs dirty before bath time.

My toddler did this water table activity for a week and played a approximately two hours a day!

Water table was found at Walmart.


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