Must-Have Toddler Art Supplies From Dollar Tree

I am consistently running out of art supplies. No matter what there’s always something missing because my toddlers are always creating something. If it keeps them happy and creating then I am happy.

When we started building our craft supply box, I wasn’t sure what to get. Then when I understood what to get, I was always getting doubles of supplies. Along the way I thought of these three quick hacks to help with my problems.

  1. Inventory list. Especially if you are a daycare teacher. Make an inventory master list of all the supplies. This way you can simply check off what you need to buy.
  2. Remember toddlers want to do it them selves. Always keep in bulk glue sticks, crayons, and markers. To buy in bulk you can always shop online. This option is so great for teachers. Check out dollar trees back to school section!
  3. Last, shop sales! shop dollar tree and go cheap! You do not need a lot of money to stock up on your art supplies.

Now, let’s get to the basic art supplies that you must have.

  1. Crayons! Lots of crayons and remember to save small pieces to melt into molds for cooler crayon.
  2. Markers! Crayola washable are washable. Take off all the covers when your kid is using them then with their helps put them back on after. I find this so much easier then having toddlers have covers all over the place.
  3. Watercolors! My toddlers love-love watercolors so much. So do I. For one, they are super easy to take out and put back. They clean up nice, last awhile, and are great to mix colors.
  4. Finger paint! A little more messy but finger paints are so much fun for toddlers. They clean up nice and will keep them busy for so long.
  5. Lots and lots of paper! I recommend getting this at dollar tree as well. Paper is always needed.
  6. Paintbrushes! Don’t forget the foam ones and rollers.

How about a little extra for some fun? These are a few of my toddlers favorite things:

  1. Pipe cleaners! Bright and fun colors. My toddlers use these with beads to make wands, bracelets, and necklaces.
  2. Pom-poms! Warning: you may find them everywhere. These are so much fun for sensory bins and to practice gluing.
  3. Googly eyes! Go crazy with these and put them on everything.
  4. Popsicle sticks! You can make so much with these.
  5. Beads! These are also good for sensory bins and bracelets or necklaces.

Check out there website! You can order in bulk online too 😉

What is in your art supplies? I would love to know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Must-Have Toddler Art Supplies From Dollar Tree

  1. The Dollar Tree is such a good place to shop when you’re buying for school supplies, crafts, or other similar items. We’ve shopped there lots of times. I just wish our store was a little bigger!

  2. I have been slowly starting to stock up on art supplies. My 14-month old doesn’t really care about them right now, but I know as soon as he figures art out, he is going to be all about it.

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