Halloween Treats for Kids

We are in the season where food is not always going to be as healthy as we want it to be. This time of the year everyone is looking for the best halloween treats for kids.

Aside from Candy, Halloween is a great time for other spooky treats for kids. It is often the start of the “baking” season for a lot of moms and grandparents.

After searching for my halloween treats to make for the kids, I had found some great ones, that I just had to share with you!

My Top Halloween Treats for Kids

Salty & Sweet Witch Hats

Stacy, from collecting pennies, shared this spooky but adorable recipe with me! I can’t get enough of it. I mean who doesn’t love sweet & salty?! Plus, it was a huge hit with my four year old and super simple enough for her to help me make it.

Spooky Halloween Trail Mix

We also loved this trail mix recipe from Nicole, from our robin nest. She really enjoyed being able to help pour in the ingredients and mixing it together. She also loved that she didn’t have to wait for anything to finish cooking. Most of all she got a kick out of the eye balls. If you are looking for a kid friendly sweet and salty mix this is one you have to try!

Oven S’mores!

Kale, from Steak and Kale, shared her recipe for oven s’mores and they are to die for! Perfect mix of gooey and crunchy. I love that this was much more kid friendly then a campfire. Personally, it was much easier having her build the s’mores then having her near a fire. It is also much easier to beat those cravings.

Reeces Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies

Jazzy’s Mama introduced these cookies and if you are a peanut butter then you have to try these! There’s not to love plus there is only four ingredients which, again, will make it super easy for your kids to help make them.

Spooky Halloween Bark

This recipe came from Sylvia, from frolic through life, and I seriously can not wait to try it! It looks like such a spooky way to celebrate halloween night. Or also a great way to help use up some candy from trick or treating. The kids will love this!

Halloween Punch for Kids

This punch recipe from Pamela, from Brooklyn Farm Girl, is so easy and delicious! The recipe only contains two ingredients which is why this recipe is on my list!

I don’t know about you, but I love simple and easy recipes. It makes it more fun when you are allowed to let your kids join in on the fun.

Now it’s time to check off baking on that bucket list!

Check-out the blogger’s pages above for more recipes! All of these ladies are rockstars!


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  1. Yummmm! Those treats look tasty for kids and their moms 🙂 I may need to try out that Spooky Halloween Bark!

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