12-18 Month Old: Milestones

Your baby is now a toddler, and you are probably experiencing a range of emotions. The one thing that is super important for all parents to learn is that you should NEVER compare your child to others. ALL BABIES AND TODDLERS ARE DIFFERENT! When reading about the post about, 12-18 month olds milestones, remember that.
I am not a doctor or a specialized teacher that strictly focuses on the development of toddlers. I just wanted to share the knowledge I have from being an Early Childhood Educator and a Mother because I was once in your shoes, trying to keep up with all of the development milestones.
Babies and toddlers go through a lot of milestones fast. One moment, they are learning how to walk, and the next, they are kicking and running around with a soccer ball. It can be so overwhelming for new parents!

Between 12-18 month, your new toddler will start doing a lot of fun, exciting things!

12- 18 Month Old Milestones:

  • Say simple words like mom, mommy, dad, cat, doggy, etc.
  • Standing on their own or walking by 18 months
  • Standing and Waking assisted
  • Begin to use a cup and spoon
  • Have temper tantrums
  • Clap their hands, give high fives, and/or shake their head
  • Pick up a tiny object
  • Play independently
  • Put items in a container and dump them out or take them out
  • Try to help get dressed
  • Listen to simple directions
  • Climb
  • Pick up toys from the floor standing or squatting without falling
  • Turn pages in a book

Toddler’s eating and sleeping habits also change during this time. Between 12- 18 month, toddlers might skip their morning nap and take one long nap in the afternoon. Your toddler should be sleeping around 14 hours, but, it’s not the same for every toddler.
At this time, your toddler should be eating 3-4 meals, plus 1 to 2 snacks a day. It’s important to make sure that they are getting a healthy variety of foods and they still have breast-milk or any milk.


12 thoughts on “12-18 Month Old: Milestones

  1. My son is right in this age range, so I love looking at milestone lists like this to make sure he is on track! Great list 👍

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is a great, informative article for beginner moms! (Though we’ll always be beginner moms since all ages are different lol!) I have a 4 year old girl, and I definitely agree that not all children are the same!

  3. Good information for parents of toddlers. As a retired speech language pathologist I have evaluated hundreds of toddlers!! If you have any concerns about your child in any area of development, your local school district will do a screening for free. It can give you peace of mind and they may be able to give some information for activities to stimulate development. Here in our school district, we did all screenings and evaluations for children 0-5 through our ChildFind team.

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