Mom needs a break, too!

Let me tell you, first, that you are not alone! A little bit about myself, I am a mom of two under 4. Being a mom is hard as it is, but not really knowing where your “village” is makes it ten times harder and all mom’s need a break. Some moms have grandparents, aunts, etc. that love to stop by and give a hand. Allow mom and dad to have a date night, a break, or etc. But, there are moms out there with little to no support. This doesn’t always mean there’s no family, but maybe things are challenging or the family lives far. Plus, babysitters are not always a good go to because either money or trust issues.

Sometimes it’s okay for Mom to take a break

Not every momma has a village..and it’s tough!

So, when mom’s need a break, what do they do? When the dads are out making an income for the family, not around, or on the road these moms have no one to really rely on.

After a few years of being one of these moms, I developed a nice self-care list to help myself during the times I need a break.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to relax:

  • Go wash your face. Depending on your time use a face wash, mask, or just splash water. My girl sells this face wash and it honestly my go to every day.
  • Always take a shower. Always. Baby can wait in the crib, or bouncy seat in the bathroom. The toddler will be okay watching tv for a little bit so mom can get clean.
  • Plug in those head phones. Yes, sometimes it’s okay for mom to tune out and listen to an audio book or music without listening to all the background noise.
  • Turn on Netflix and put all else on hold. No, don’t ignore your children’s needs. But, it is okay to limit your daily housework, or other things and take a break.
  • Write. write it down. I am a believer in brain dumps. As moms theres so much for us to remember and it can cause our brains to become cloudy.
  • Cook a good meal.
  • Eat fruit or veggies and drink water.
  • Workout at home
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths for 3 minutes.
  • Connect with a friend